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Celebrate Pollinator Week – Recipes, Knowledge & More

Celebrate Pollinator Week – Recipes, Knowledge & More

It’s officially Pollinator Week! This internationally recognized week aims to bring awareness to and celebrate the pollinators that keep our ecosystem up and running and alive. Food quality and quantity is increased thanks to the hard work of bees and other pollinators. Bees are a vital part of the environment.

We at Wedderspoon are proud to support the Honeybee Conservancy at Rodale Institute.  The Honeybee Conservancy promotes healthy beekeeping through outreach and education, which is especially important during this time of a global bee-decline.

We invite you to celebrate Pollinator Week with us. Below are a few ways you can join in our celebration.

Celebrate Pollinator Week – Recipes, Knowledge & More

Learn more about pollinators

Take some time to truly learn about the role pollinators play in our environment and how you can help support and protect them. It’s said that every third mouthful of food you eat is produced by crops pollinated by bees, so they really are important. Here, Mike Schmaeling, a beekeeper at Rodale Institute, shares some interesting tidbits on pollinators and how to help them. You will find that the more you learn about bees, the more you will want to protect them.

Welcome pollinators to your backyard

Bees don’t want to hurt us, they want to help us–we just need to let them. Get out of the bad habit of swatting at bees and instead, welcome them to your backyard by creating a bee-friendly environment. Your local bees will most enjoy native plants. Do some research of your own or visit your local garden store to learn more about plants that will thrive in your environment and attract bees.

Host a Garden Party

Celebrate Pollinator Week by hosting a themed party where you can enjoy nature and your freshly planted bee-friendly garden. Serve your favorite recipes and be mindful of the fact that your snacks would likely be nothing without bees! Our Chocolate Oat Picnic Bars, Mini Cupcakes, and Manuka Honey Lemonade recipes are perfect for this.

Thanks for celebrating with us!