Wedderspoon Organic Canada is founded by Sebastien and Catherine Martin, a husband and wife team with a passion to bring Manuka honey, nature’s superfood, to the North American market.


Wedderspoon Organic USA is incorporated. Company is headquartered out of USA founder, Fiona’s garage in Pennsylvania.


First shipment comes in, 1,500 jars of Manuka honey to USA headquarters.

Fiona, her sister Alison and their families all pitch in to get the orders ready for pending customers packing each order by hand!

  • Wedderspoon USA gets first customer! Kimberton Whole Foods, who orders both Manuka and Beechwood honeys!
  • Wedderspoon introduces certified Organic Manuka drops.
Wedderspoon gets placements in many Whole Foods stores and regions where the brand is still sold today and picks up new distribution partners.


While visiting a distribution partner Garden Spot and seeing their massive warehouse, Fiona and Alison prophesize and aspire that they will “one day have a warehouse this size.”


Wedderspoon offices find a new home as Fiona moves into a house better suited for growth on Central Avenue and the small team begins working out of garage warehouse and attached office.


The newly expanded team of five moves to a larger space in Fiona’s basement; Wedderspoon is growing rapidly bringing the highest quality, genuine Manuka and specialty New Zealand honeys to North America.


Wedderspoon is proud to become Non-GMO verified for its Manuka honeys!


  • The Wedderspoon USA office is busting at the seams and the company moves into a new 8,000 foot office space with a large attached warehouse at Great Valley Corporate Center in Malvern, PA where the brand still resides today to continue scaling the business.
  • Wedderspoon Organic Ginger Drops are accepted into CVS, one of the largest drug store chains in North America!


  • Happy Anniversary! Wedderspoon Canada celebrates 10 years, marking a full decade in the Manuka honey industry!
  • Wedderspoon brings on New Zealand based team and begins exploration to open a facility in New Zealand.


New Zealand Christchurch production facility is fully accredited and begins production.
  • 500 hives are set for delivery in New Zealand, marking a major milestone of full vertical integration for the brand!
  • Wedderspoon USA celebrates 10 years; the company now has distribution in over 7,000 US stores and is proud to be the quality leader and #1 selling brand in North America!