Manuka Honey Powerballs with Goji Berries

This recipe is packed with nut + seed protein, immune boosting super powders, a hint of spice, and sweetened with Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey for an anytime feel good snack.


150g of mixed nuts and seeds of choice; we used
50g of walnuts
50g coconut shreds
50g hemp seeds
~30g of superfood powders; we used
10g cacao powder
5g moringa powder
5g reshi mushroom extract
5g ground cinnamon
3g spirulina powder
2g ground cloves
*Optional pinch of salt
50g dates or other dried fruit
50-75g Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey
dried goji berries to garnish


1. Process all dry ingredients in food processor until it reaches desired chunkiness
2. Add dates and honey, process until dough forms; add more honey until mixture seems dry
3. Roll into balls of various size
4. Store in airtight container in freezer or refrigerator for 2 weeks
5. Enjoy the goodness!


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